Winery and Vineyards

Recovering our heritage

Dedicating oneself body and soul to the land is something that only those of us who truly live it can understand. It requires dedication and sacrifice. Watching the vineyard bear fruit is an indescribable feeling that only a few privileged people can experience. It is precisely in that moment that a perfect, pure and unbreakable bond with the earth is born.

Daroca Bodega´s dream began more than a century ago when the first vineyards were planted in this area. Located at an altitude of between 700 and 1000m, the vineyards lie between Zaragoza and Teruel in the municipalities of Murero, Val De San Martín, Manchones, Villanueva De Jiloca, San Martín Del Río, Burbáguena, Valdehorna, Báguena, Daroca and Balconchán.

Since our foundation, we have continued to work to ensure the survival of both our history and precious legacy. For the last 100 years, micro-plots of Garnacha and Macabeo have coexisted with other varieties such as Provechón and Juan Ibanez. Our stony soils – mainly slate – underpin the impressive slopes on which our vineyards are planted.

Daroca Bodega

Daroca Bodega is the only winery that remains in the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Ribera del Jiloca and, thus, it is an authentic gem of a winery.

For all of us who belong to this project, we believe in the importance of recuperating the native grape varieties, with the aim of preserving hope, knowledge of the vines and the dreams of our viticulturists. We seek to transmit to our future generations the love of the countryside and of these vineyards, which if they could talk, would be able to tell us so much.