Campo Bodega Daroca Laderas-del-Jiloca_garnacha_w Laderas-del-Jiloca_macabeo The wisdom of our old vine Garnacha and Macabeo writes our story. Torres Recovering old vine Garnacha and Macabeo in a unique location between Zaragoza and Teruel, PGI Ribera del Jiloca.
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Recovering old vine Garnacha and Macabeo

Our dream is to recover the old Garnacha and Macabeo vines that grow between Zaragoza and Teruel, a truly unique place in the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Ribera del Jiloca.

Century-old vineyards planted on slate slopes lie within an arid and dry climate at an altitude of between 750m and 1000m above sea level

Garnacha and Macabeo coexist with Provechón and Juan Ibáñez grapes in micro-plots that narrate a story of revival written in the vineyard.